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Business Concept

Business concept - Basic Strategy

  • Enterprise of Humanism

  • Global Collaboration

  • Database Marketing

Our objective is to construct and enlarge new business of entrepreneurship in a comprehensive company based on the above strategies you aim toward the general trading firm of the heart per seat starting a business house group these as the basic strategy which is in common.


"Advance technology after all is created by human being,"


                                            stated by Mr. Peter F. DRUCKER.

Same applies to business; people are emphasized in terms of development of business. I believe internal and external members of BAF can favor the company in continuing business. We build business that can elaborate everybody's talents. Power breaks language barriers and also race, sex and age; as for constructive attitude (that is power) for work is a valuable property of BAF.

At this moment, I particular agree with Mr. Hiroyuki ITAMI one saying, "A person is not just a resource simply offers labor force but also feeling of existence and one's insistency of mind; this can harmonize well in the enterprise group naturally.

"People" is the lever of an enterprise. "Gather people" and we aim towards company's tradition where "people is well brought up and nurtured".

Global Collaboration

We tackle to set up a global network to collaborate with enterprise alliances around the world which is contributing to the development of respective areas.

Database Marketing

IT (Information Technology) industry created Internet and begins to pulls out the unlimited possibility of existing scale of enterprises. We will explore and expand business to become an all-rounded corporation with this foundation with time.

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