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Entrepreneurship - your high ambition, always!

1980 Stimulus from Bay Area

BAF stands for "Bay Area Friends".


In Early 1980s, The San Francisco Bay Area (around Silicon Valley of U.S.A. West Coast) was the born place of varieties of Venture Business Corporations. Here, the entrpreneurs advocate for "Think Different!"and breakthrough the stereotype business society.


If their thoughts spread all over the world, I strongly felt "THE WORLD WILL CHANGE."


I am impressed indeed by those Bay Area Entreprenurs and decided to establish and named "BAF" wishing the business with Bay Area Friends.


When I started the business later days, I traveled to Hong Kong frequently then needed to describe the company name in Chinese characters. I liked "百福-a bunch of happiness" and "百富-a bunch of wealth " which is pronounced the same as "BAF" in Cantonese.


I chose "百富" as its inscription in order to bringing 'bunch of wealth' to the company first. The official registration name in Japan is "株式会社 バフ", which is simply described "BAF" in Japanese Katakana.


1986 The Prospectus of BAF Foundation Day. (Remember the original intention)

My management idea starts in treasuring possibilities to interact with people inside and outside of the corporation. Quality enterprise should be established in a way that can keep up with development pace, corresponds quickly and sensitively, and designate some contributions to the international societies. Though dream is distant, we are determined to actualize and convert step by step, with the guidance of every one of you.


Persevere we insist; cooperation we ask.


1986. 6. 3


The BAF Inc. Shuji TOW

1988 Essay on admission to "Entrepreneur College"

About two years ago, The BAF Inc. (the Bay Area Friends) is established. At the same time, I've met some young entrepreneurs in New York who aimed towards global development of a venture enterprise - Asia Pacific Industries, Inc. There we know each others and together we work as Japanese partners. Perhaps this is Symbiosis that I have learnt and now I am putting it into practice.


For long time I expect much to become an Entrepreneur. In here several years I have realized Japan economic society which used to be cowed by big enterprises is now awaken. Nowadays we need participation of elite venturous enterprises. It means this is a perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to adopt Innovation! I start running the business with a less thorough plan. In order to build the ideal enterprise I seek, I think persistently, fumble in the dark and am prepared to stand alone. From now on, my partners and I aim to be the "great entrepreneurs" and be enthusiastic to create BAF historical first chapter.


Pioneers who chase after their dreams recently stand firm on their belief and start to explore the west, the kind of thinking that can hit even the Grand Canyon. There is no intention of returning here. I am with great expectation in the College I’m entering as to breakthrough obstacles in face of me.

The business management system for Entrepreneur is acquired:

At present, enterprise is recognized mostly as big companies with High-Tech orientation. That exactly equals to having the techniques which can jumps over the Grand Canyon but leaving behind all instruments for survival. There are many failure examples. I consider starting business simply depend on only "entrepreneurship" idea is far from enough, we fight to the end by learning all sorts of technical knowledge for survival, and that is most important for an "entrepreneur" to grow.

Thus you will understand no matter "enterprise" or "entrepreneur" himself, acquiring the basis of business management is so important.

The essence of enterprise is as P. F Drucker expresses, "high technology after all are made by human being". It is also human being who is able to offer splendid ideas. If we cannot secure quality human resource, we cannot guarantee enterprise's future growth.

I have the same perception with Noriyuki ITAMI – "Human being do not just simply offers labor force, but also comes with existing feeling and wisdom. This fits and harmonizes one's insistent thinking and group existence; at the same time naturally develops a manner of thinking within the human enterprise --- humanism. " Being confident to build up the management which love the enterprise and people within, I am convinced that the enterprise can exceeds generations and national boundaries is not a dream. Think it as it is necessary to create a better business management system.

Constructing the Network:

Interaction between people is precious. The relation between two people has concealed unlimited possibilities. Based on communications of people, enterprise can be freshly enlightened with endless creativity. Communication and trust is also essential to maintain and strengthen alliances between companies and groups, especially for enterprise like The BAF Inc.

Shuji TOW

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