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Vision - Basic Principle of Business Operation from 2005 to 2017 and forever

2005~2008 + 2008~2011 + 2011~2014 + 2014~2017 and forever

We share the goals of “Harmony” and “Symbiosis” with entrepreneurs around the world; we are persevering in contribution of globalization of societies.

The High Time for the chance

Age of Recycling : We promote the recycling of plastic resource in societies.


Age of China Business: Coexisting with global market of the factories.


Age of IT Business : Realize Database marketing with help of industrial revolution.

These eras are original and independent with great expanding potentials and competitiveness; together they have multiplier effect and bring huge effect. They are the frontier of business. I believe, in true sense, the world has become one big society. As for us, starting 2005 till 2017, we will do our best to seize this 12-years gift from God.

The Advantage for its Location.

With our contact points in Japan, China and other entrepreneurs in the world – we designate America as our base point. As we've registered corporations in Tokyo, Hakata, Hong Kong, GuangZhou and SF Bay Area we are convinced that BAF have its favourable geographical advantage. Entrepreneurs will expand from these points to the rest of the world.

The Harmony of People

Method of thinking, rationale, righteousness and understanding of evilness differ from person and by environment around them. We must spring out from this separation and discover harmony with entrepreneurs and keep expanding our business.

I hope I can act like the glory teacher Mr. Eiichi SHIABUSAWA, unite companies of entrepreneurs to one big group.

Based on the established DNA of BAF, we pursue not only profit of our companies, but though harmony and synergy we endeavor to more contribution to this earth.

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