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Corporate Info » BAF Self-awareness 2007

Conscious of Social Mission

As a business partner of our customers, they rely on our environmental-friendly business which centers to plastic recycling, that contributes to the community.


As a member of one terrestiral society, we don't just simply think of national interest, but effort from one society eventually 'illuminates' the big world, which keeps on developing.


Our Hearts

'Always ”WE CAN DO IT!" as a start.'


' "We can't complete work on our own", sense of appreciation shouldn't be forgotten.'


'Personalized work should be treated as being but not a thing.'


'Concerning work, "aim to be the top person of industry".'


'Humbleness to learn is important. "All other people are our teachers”.'


' "Make effort to improve the power of human", effort which understands one's partner but not opposing self's standpoint.'


'Basic practice is repeative put-things-in-order, reorganization, cleaning, cleanliness and discipline; moreover, continuation!'


'Work hard and show potential abilities': 'Perform more than one expects'. Being satisfied with present condition, one still search for aspects he needs and attempts earnestly (this improvement is the turning point to raise in salary), Companies at the end will show the world, what can be contributed.


'Job is secure with righteousness and sincerity all time': Step by step we move towards 'healthy moral view plus courage' is important. Not to be defeated by temptation in regards to entertainment from customers and so, delivering and receiving gifts, a healthy business habit and conduct should comes along with our social common sense. Do not run into any self-profiting act in any conditions, you will be ashamed. Fairness always and submit sincerely to the God who is watching you.


'Report, Communicate and Consult with heart': Precision for information is neccessary and 'first-hand' information should be valued. Information, especially bad information, it should be transmit as quickly as possible thus it will be understood and corresponded calmly.


Only use information from customers or so with respect to business legitimately. 'Information' is an important enterprise property for the company, therefore, one does not steal information. Management must dispatch strictly by rules.

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