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Plastics- Material Recycle 


Prime Grade

We handle Japanese Virgin Grade Materials and supply to Hong Kong and China market.


Ad-hoc offer is changing everyday by the prices in the international market.
Manufacturers are using our commodities from Japanese enterprises around the world, grades of products are obtained with high judgement.


Off Grade

Quality of Japanese Off Grades has obtained High Appraisal.


Transitional Grade / Off Grades offered periodically from Japan has obtained very high appraisal. In addition, there are markets developed and they understand the good quality of long-term inventory goods.

Both of them are in different markets with virgin raw materials.


Post Industrial

Types of Recycling Raw Materials
occured during production process(es) of factory


Film on roll, Sheet Cutoffs and Vacuum Forming Skeleton

Formation process loss some quantities of PP, PS, PET...etc which occur in vacuum formation containers in factories.

PC/PMMA/MS/PET Sheet Cutoffs

Monitors and plastic sheets which are used for signboards.

Runners from Injection Molding

Majorities are engineering plastics with possibilities of added filler(s) and alike which should be separated.


Necessary for certain types of resin.


Post Consumer

After carrying out the role of the commodity, it is collected, is played back the plastic 


Styrofoam (Expandable PolyStrene)

As 20 years or more ago this is our major recycling material. By melting Styrofoam, which is utilized in transporting/storage in fish markets of Japan, it is reduced to approximate capacity of 1/50. In the past 20 years, it is re-born to VHS videotape which everyone has one at home. Recently, this is mixed with virgin raw materials by XPS technology and reprocessed to board of re-foaming; it is utilized in the middle layer of Japanese Tatami and building materials. We can also stabily supply reprocessed GPPS pellet for XPS production. 

Pet bottle

Pet bottle originally designates for collection, recycling and reprocessing. It can be reprocessed into polyester fiber and utilized as raw material for fiber of fleece and carpet. They are raw materials which cannot be missed for automobile industry.
Unfortunately, import of not-washed and pressed bottles in China is prohibitted.



Sales-remain and supplement CDs of books are demetalized and reprocessed to clean/transparent PC material of optical grade for second time usage. This can be changed to injection molding grade by blending too.

Treatment of these raw materials is very difficult. We ask for cooperation.
Factories which have passed the Inspection of Environmental Protection Bureau is no more than just few corporations.

ECO Plastic Raw Materials

ECO Materials (Reprocessed Pellets)

Punch-out, edge materials and lumps are raw materials basis for reprocessed pellets, but these commodities can posesses surprisingly high quality. They are even used by home appliance manufacturers around the world. Because this corresponds to green-purchase, these raw materials are utilized soley, or compounded, to produce miscellaneous goods

Image of the materials as coarse item was almost threw off.

natural PLA 

Plant (sweet corn made) originated market of biodegradable character resins has started expanding suddenly.

BAF has acquired ISO 14855 with a Taiwanese manufacturer and collaborated a new type raw material with high degree of biodegradation. We have modified the original hard characteristic of PLA and create our brand “natural PLA” with an advancing starchy type for commodity making.

We have also improved substantially on cost and the quality.

Basically, cost of natural PLA is almost the same as PP. In case of recycling, natural PLA, moreover, can offer cheaper reprocessing cost than PP. Grades available, in present circumstance, are mostly tailor made. As long as you can provide info on production of your project, what kind of commodity is to be produced and the present usage of plastic resin and grade, we can which are produced and estimate for you.

Presently, we have not yet apply for a Postive List (PL) from Japan Hygienic Olefin And Styrene Plastics Association, but this will be scheduled accordingly.

We have further explanation on plant originated (such as sweet corn made) biodegradable resins at our seminar

Plastic Wood (Artificial Wood) ... etc

As for plastic can be combined in large quantities with composite materials (wood, bamboo powder and so on) which can be utilized like wood; you can see from the aspect of research of plastic recycling has unlimited possibility. This create new alternative for consumable and heavy duty raw materials for construction supplies; we recommend development of these commodities.

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