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Plastics- Material Recycle 


"One light illuminates a corner (一灯照隅之志)" - Everyone can contribute their part to plastic resin recycling bsuiness


There is rubbish in the nature.

Recycling business, which does not make resource wasteful in the earth; today, it is an important business that can contribute to the future.


As for BAF responsibility, we aim toward to be the most reliable company in this industry in terms of "plastic material recycling". We would like to contribute together with our customers in creation of a better environment in the world.


Plans and Views for Plastic Recycling Business


Nowadays people are more postive in reusing recycled plastic raw materials; as for this can reduce cost and conserve the environment. The scale and volumn can almost match the production of plastic raw materials manufacturers. Recycling business has been recognized as a must industry for now.


The center of recycling business in Japan is mostly collection, crushing and decreasing volumn. I believe the need of enterprise groups having the same thought of systematic tackling of recycled materials for both domestic and international enterprises is a necessity. Details are as follows:


1) Creative Business Capability
Capacity and rationale to assemble from production stage to sell and resuse the materials.


2) Global Vision
Stand in an international perspective by the fact that how business can be assembled.


3) Concept on Public Service 
It must not be a business which produces profit just for the enterprise.


4) Public Negotiation Power
The explanatory ability allowing individuals, enterprises even countries to understand the importance of recycling business.


5) Technical Judgment
It is still necessary for manual operation; on the other hand, high-tech is always helpful. Expert knowledge of resin and others such as additives is needed - a network of specialists of recycling plastic resin technology.


6) Fund Management Ability 
Apart from saving, sometimes an enterprise requires fund arrangement for factory plants investment.


7) Appreciation to all Actual Work with Heart
Although we aim to automate the flow of recycling, accumulation of handful work is actually taken place every day.


If you aim towards relating your corporation to developing cleaner recycling materials, and you decide to cooperate with BAF recycling network, we believe it is possible to create a flow of healthy recycling teamwork. First to start with division of discharge from factories? Or relating to collection, crushing and sale? Or utilize recycled materials for production and merchandising? Or contribute with adviser standpoint? While each individual contributes to recycling as a member of the team, this kind of mechanism will construct respective work and correspond the profit.

Next Step

Next Step for BAF


There are times when I have certain feelings through the experience of 20 years or more as we export recycling plastic raw materials to foreign countries. First we aim towards "recycling" by trading; and the following step is to cooperate with raw-material reprocessing factory and set up factory, establish a "resource circle" and bring close to the original form of recycling business. Starting from discharging, it will do good to use this environmental friendly raw materials for re-merchandising to respective companies by processing. It is not just an ideal thought for Japan to achieve, but also for Europe, U.S.A., China and Asia...etc.


Try not to depend continuous support from financial corporations but by self-sustenance; this stablize the flow. In addition, it is important to always evaluate prices of all commodities. BAF cooperates with suppliers around Japan, we propose individual (closed) cycle for each re-merchandising material. Bearing the responsibility as a part of recycling circle, we endeavor to change our part into the business which produces value. We will relate our recycling business to factory establishment of joint ventures with accumulated know-hows.


In order to leave the beautiful earth to the next generation,
BAF keeps thinking, with you all, the possiblities of our contributions.

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